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It's 2020. Time to Build My Own Website!

After working in tech for almost 8 years, it's about time I owned by own domain name before someone else got around to it.

I look forward to sharing whatever is on my mind using this website. I'm open to seeing this site evolve or get abandoned as my publishable interests wax and wane.

This website will largely be my personal blog for now. It's a place for me to be me.

Here are some other ideas I'd like to start working on, with the goal of publishing them on this site:

  1. "Detective Obvious" - A series of short stories/vignettes about a very competent detective's assistant named Detective Obvious who only points out the obvious.

  2. Posts about my activism / non-profit endeavors - I'd like to become more involved with causes that matter to me. I'd also like to post about any thought-provoking materials I encounter as a way to collate a personal collection of work that matters to me.

Since this is my flipping swamp, I'll also post random musings and ramblings as I remember that I have a website for them.

Stay tuned. Really excited to be on this continuous journey of self-reflection, self-discovery, silliness and sharing.

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